Core Functions

1. Promote, co-ordinate and protect commercial and industrial interests to its members and Turkana County in a general.
2. Promote trade within and outside Turkana County.
3. Establish and organize finance trade and industrial exhibitions and displays either on its own or in participation with other persons or organizations.
4. Foster social unity and promote the welfare of the commercial and industrial community.
5. Promote, support or oppose legislations and ineffective bureaucratic measures that may be put in place by the government for the interest of the members.
6. Collect and disseminate statistically sound information and other materials to its members.
7. Arbitrate in the settlement of commercial and industrial disputes among its members.
8. Establish commercial exchanges, new rooms, libraries and other facilities that may be beneficial to its members.
9. Provide facilities for the study, enquiry and research into commercial and industrial matters and to publish material and journals among others for the benefit of its members.
10. Pursue other functions as permitted under the Chamber Memorandum and Articles of Association.