Institutional Strengthening

Institutional capacity building/strengthening addresses capacity building beyond the provision of education and training for members. It is the process by which individuals, groups, organizations, institutions and societies increase their abilities: to perform functions, solve problems and achieve objectives; to understand and deal with their development need in a broader context and in a sustainable manner.

It includes investment in human capital, institutions and practices aimed at enhancing the capacity of membership organizations, businesses, non- governmental groups and communities to plan and manage their processes efficiently and effectively. Institutional Strengthening is a reference for organizations that wish to develop or improve existing institutional strengthening systems and processes.

It presents principles, minimum standards, best practices, business processes, references and tools for effective, efficient and sustainable organizations. Effective social institutional framework must also adapt to new challenges and demands; adjust their rules, improve their articulation and coordination mechanisms with old and new actors, adapt and improve their management instruments, and optimize the use of resources and/or redirect them to new objectives.